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About us

Hangzhou Nihao Environmental Tech Co., Ltd

Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, has over 16 years of experiences in the  Plastic material and good resources of manufacturers. The company consists of research, product development, production and sales of Plastic Material For the water treatment Industry.

NIHAO primary products are MBBR bio-filter media, tube settlers, disc diffusers, dissolved air flotation and random packing products. We are committed to product innovation and the continued introduction and global supply of advanced technology. We strive for superior product quality, reliability and performance. Our Factory have many years of experience in bio-filter media production, material technology and process control. Our MBBR filter media is optimally designed to promote rapid growth of microorganisms in water treatment applications. The proprietary design of the carriers ensures that a high protected surface area is provided for the development of bio-film.

Our product engineers, manufacturing team and quality assurance efforts assure our customers of stable, reliable and cost-effective product. Our highly trained & experienced customer service and sales professionals guarantee your satisfaction and our in place to save you time & money.



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Email: sales@nihaombbr.com

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