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How to Install Tube Settler? Share

How to Install Lamella Tube Settler?

1.Sedimentation tank bottom sludge pipe installation

Sedimentation tank installation order ships starting from the bottom to complete the installation of the bottom mud pipeline system, to ensure that meet the design requirements mud pipe openings, stable fixation, check and correct, allowed into the next step of installation

2.Complete  hexagonal tube settler plate bracket

According Sedimentation tank filler bracket construction plans, the first filler bracket in place, check that all solid weld junction, the stent is strong enough to withstand the weight of the filler, and completed embalmed in the stent surface

3.Complete lamella tube settler connection

Press thelamella tube settler connection method each inclined tube filler packaged as two separate contact means hot, hot after the completion of two units connected as 1m2, complete presence on the ground after hot then neatly stacked (maintaining a small number of scattered pieces alternate)

4.the install at the sedimentation tank

The hot pick packing after packing unit in the upper bracket is assembled from left to right. 60 ° angle remains unchanged, the order of each unit during assembly to proper compression, assembled to the far right if size is not just right, you need to be assembled until after packing hot pick in place in accordance with the size of the sheets inclined tube

5.The upper portion of fixed lamella tube settler

Since tube settler water accounted for slightly less than 0.92, tuber settler plate in the pool at the top of the packing assembly in place need direction from left to right to pull φ10mm round steel reinforcement (upper portion of each packing unit requires two round through) , bar ends firmly secured in the sedimentation tank wall can be well prevented inclined tube fill loose floating phenomenon may occur during initial use after installing bar, bar the use of coal tar epoxy

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