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  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
  • MBBR64  MBBR  System
MBBR64  MBBR  SystemMBBR64  MBBR  SystemMBBR64  MBBR  SystemMBBR64  MBBR  SystemMBBR64  MBBR  SystemMBBR64  MBBR  System

MBBR64 MBBR System

  • item number:MBBR64
  • Size: 25mmX5mm
  • Rooms : 64
  • Area Surface: More then1200m2/m3
  • Description: MBBR System Focus on Plastic products for water treatment only for 16 years, Full Range of Filter Media for your chosen, high quality and Costly.

NIHAO MBBR BioFilter Media

Production Introduction:

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) filter media has a well-documented history in filter applications. Bio Media may be used for pond filters, aquaponics, hydroponics, sewage treatment, DIY applications, and more. Bio Media  is slightly buoyant and perfect for mechanical or biological filtration.MBBR  System

NIHAO MBBR Filter Media Advantage

l Rapid carrier bio film formation mechanism

l Super decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity

l Excellent resistance to shock load performance

l Flexible way of engineering application

l Simple operation and maintenance

l Long service life-100% virgin HDPE material.

l Deoxidation and phosphorus removal effect is good

NIHAO MBBR Specification


The Sewage plant upgrade project , improve the standard and quantity

New sewage treatment project of MBBR and Biological Aerated Filter process

Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water

River regulation denitrification and phosphorus removal

Aquaculture in addition to ammonia nitrogen, water purification

Biological filter media is used for biological deodorization tower

How does NIHAO  MBBR work?

Bio Media Plus is designed to be slightly buoyant and move freely or remain static (still) in your filter.  The bio-media provides the maximum surface area necessary to allow beneficial bacteria to colonize (grow) and remove ammonia and nitrites from your water.  Removing ammonia and nitrites from your water is essential for healthy koi (fish).  As the bio-media moves around in the filter chamber the bacteria go to work and start removing the ammonia and nitrites.  When your bacteria mature Bio Media Plus is the perfect and most efficient way to remove ammonia and nitrites.

NIHAO Factory Information

Package and transporting

there are two ways for packing:

1. 0.1 CMB per poly bags,  a  40HQ container can load 70 CBM

2. 1.0 or 1.5 CBM per poly bags , a 40HQ container can load 60CBM

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