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Bio Block Filter Media

  • Bio Block Media
  • Bio Block Media
  • Bio Block Media
Bio Block MediaBio Block MediaBio Block Media

Bio Block Media

  • Item Number:50
  • Tube Size: 70mm
  • Material: HDPE
  • Description: Fish Pond Fish Farm Bio Filter Media Bio Block,water Degassing Media

Nihao Bio Block Filter Media

Fish Pond Fish Farm Bio Filter Media Bio Block, water Degassing Media

Bio block is developed by Danmark company, it is a structured filter media which has proven extremely efficient in biological treatment of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater and process water within the aquaculture field. The media consists of net tubes, which are welded together to form a square block. This media has many advantages over others, the most important is the easy maintenance and it is almost impossible to clog with flow rates of 7500 to 10000 liters per hour per m2 of surface area. The longer it is established the better it works as the bacteria build up a filter web between the net elements and trap the finer particles. Being easy to clean without removal makes this an excellent media for all ponds.

Owing to the unique surface structure of the many net tubes, bio block makes it an easy work of the construction, refurbishment or upgrading of biological wastewater treatment plants, meanwhile, its surface can create optimal living conditions for the bacteria thriving, these excellent properties increases its treating capacity, makes it be able treat and degrade a wide range of wastewater qualities

Nihao Bio Bloks Filter Media Feature

  1. Produced from durable HDPE ,Chemical & corrosion resistance
  2. Unique design & high surface area efficiency  enhances development of bio-film.
  3. No PVC or glue.
  4. UV resistant, easy to handle, modular & light weight
  5. Durable enough to walk or work freely on the blocks
  6. Easy to install and fits into any size/shape bio-reactor tower or tank.
  7. Self cleaning, self supporting &does not clog
  8. Biologically and chemically non-degradable.
  9. Extremely efficient, stable and reliable during operation.
  10. Long useful life over 20 years

Bio Block Filter Media Specification

  1. The Bio Block can be welded with different sizes of the single tube, it can be 25 tubes( 5X5) or 36(6X6) tubes or any other quantity tube welded together.
  2. The length of the tube can as requested.
  3. The Tube size now we have four sizes as below, it also can be customized as drawing by making up a tooling.

NIHAO Bio Block Filter Media Applications

  1. Waste water treatment (moving bed filters, submerged aerated filters, trickling  filters)
  2. Drinking water treatment (aeration)
  3. Re-circulation systems( Fish Farm,RAS,Fish Pond)
  4. Scrubbers

Package and shipment

There are two ways for packing and shipment.

  1. Floor loaded bulk shipment,      68CBM/40 ft HQ Container
  2. Poly belted on pallets,               60CBM/40 ft HQ Container

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