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Discriminant Index of MBBR Filler Share

Discriminant Index of MBBR Filler

1. Adhesion of biofilm

Adhesion capacity of biofilm-The most important index for evaluating the quality of fillers is the amount of biological adhesion = the protected surface area (related to the design and operation structure of fillers)*the amount of biological adhesion per unit surface area (related to the performance of fillers)

2. Filler properties

Filler Performance-the Most Important Index to Evaluate Biological Adhesion of Fillers

(1) Surface properties of fillers

1. Surface structure: It is generally believed that the surface roughness is large and the film hanging speed is fast.

2. Surface potential: Generally, microorganisms are negatively charged, and positive charges on the surface of fillers are suitable for microorganism growth.

3. Hydrophilicity: Microorganisms are hydrophilic particles, and fillers are hydrophilic and suitable for the growth of microorganisms.

(2) Hydraulic properties

1. Porosity: The volume occupied by filler is high and good.

2. Shape and size: influence the flow pattern of flow and airflow.

(3) Fluidization performance:

It is related to the density of filler. The density of filler should be 0.97-1.03, and fluidization can be achieved with less aeration or stirring.

3. Discrimination of Maturity of Film-hanging

1.The naked eye judges:

The biofilm distributes evenly on the surface of the carrier, the closer it is to the surface of the carrier, the more compact it is, and vice versa, the looser it is. At the same time, the color of the carrier becomes darker, which indicates that the carrier film has entered a mature stage.

2.Microscopic judgement:

Biofilm structure is compact, microbial species are diverse, and the number of fixed ciliates, clockworms and branching worms is large. A small number of rotifers and swimming ciliates mark the maturity of biofilm.

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