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How to Solve the Problem of mbbr carrier Share

MBBR process is more and more widely used in domestic sewage treatment, industrial sewage treatment and aquaculture. Its powerful function of phosphorus and ammonia removal and nitrogen removal is also widely concerned. Especially, MBBR process has the advantages of simple maintenance and low cost, which is well received by users.

How  to Solve the Problem of mbbr carrier

However, in the process application, there are also some minor problems, such as mbbr carrieris a common problem. Due to the influence of water flow and air flow, it is normal to pile up in relatively static area. The methods to solve this problem can be considered as follows:

1. Disperse the bottom aeration device evenly as far as possible, increase aeration head and aeration volume in corner and edge area appropriately, so as to reduce the area with dead angle.

2. Increasing the amount of MBBR filler properly and adding the volume of the stacking part on the basis of the theoretical amount, the total number of suspension carriers can reach the theoretical value.

3. It is not recommended to add propellers in the accumulation area.

4. The bigger the aspect ratio or length-diameter ratio is, the easier it is to accumulate. It can be partitioned appropriately to reduce the ratio. It is relatively uniform and difficult to solve thoroughly.

The structure of the suspended packing biological treatment tank is the same as that of the aeration tank. The aeration mode is mainly perforated tube aeration or micro-porous aeration, and only screen or fence is set at the outlet to prevent the loss of the packing. The mixing of water, gas and solid is sufficient within a certain range of the pond: around the aeration pipe, water, air and suspended fillers present a swirling flow state. The air above the outlet hole drives the filler and water to rise rapidly, and pushes the upper filler to the surrounding area. With the increase of the filler volume, some fillers are pushed to the bottom of the pond to participate in the first step. 

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