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How To choose of installation angle of inclined tube settlers Share

Analysis on installation angle of packing in inclined tube settlers

Generally, the diameter of the inner tangent circle is used as the diameter of the honeycomb inclined tube settlers. At the same interception speed, the smaller the diameter of the honeycomb inclined pipe filler, the greater the flow velocity in the pipe, the higher the surface load rate of the sedimentation tank, and the corresponding reduction of the volume of the sedimentation tank. The smaller the inclination of the inclined pipe, the larger the sedimentation area, the higher the sedimentation efficiency.

When the angle of inclination of NIHAO honeycomb inclined  tube settler is between 35-45 degrees, the effect is the best. The main reason is that the mud at the bottom of the honeycomb inclined pipe packing begins to slide down. When the sliding thick mud enters into the particle contact of the inclined pipe, the contact flocculation effect is produced, so the sedimentation efficiency is improved.



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